Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Romantic Valentine's Day Look

I felt obligated as a beauty blogger to create a look for Valentine's Day.
Whether you're married, engaged, "it's complicated," or just celebrating with some girlfriends - it's nice to feel pretty on what's considered the most romantic day of the year. (lol)

So I threw a little look together, hope you like it!

You'll need a shimmering light pink base, a lighter shimmery white colour, pink blush, gray eyeliner or shadow, mascara and a lipstick colour of your choice.

I started out with my face already prepped with Revlon Nearly Naked foundation ($14.99 CAD)

I had a difficult time taking pictures with the lighting I had and the particular colours I used, so I will try my best to write an easy and detailed explanation.

For the eyes I started with a pink shimmering base, I used the middle colour from Maybelline's Eyestudio palette in #15 Rose Revolution and put it all over the lid of my eyes. Unfortunately I can't find it on their website, so I believe it's been discontinued. You can use any light pink shimmering colour though.

Then I took a light shimmering white colour and placed it on the inner third of my eye, into the tear duct area and underneath the inner third of my lower lash line. You can pop some of this on your brow bone as well!

Next I took a hot pink blush by Nars, you can use a bright pink eyeshadow if you'd like, and I placed this through the outer crease of my eyelid.

If you don't know how to find your crease, take your finger or a brush and feel where the top of your eyeball is. Follow the hollow of your eyeball with some shadow, and that's your crease!

Next I took a gray eyeliner and placed it from the middle of my eye to the outer corner. I did this on both the top and bottom because it will create the appearance of larger eyes. I used gray because it's a lot softer than black and won't look as harsh. 

I used Gris Noir by Lancome ($26 CAD) 

Take your finger or a small smudger brush and make the lines less harsh. Then, take a small brush and take some of your hot pink colour and add a slight hint of it underneath the gray liner on the lower lash line. 

You never want to put pink directly beside your eyeball because that will make your eyes look red. 
If you ever add pink, you want it to be a secondary colour and not the main focus.

Take a clean blending brush and swipe this over your shadow if your lines are too harsh.

Next, curl your lashes and add some mascara! 

Your eyes should look something like this! 

Very simple, but very cute.

Next pop some pink blush on your cheeks. I used Essence #10 Adorable ($2.99 CAD) 
Then take a colour of your choice, I'm using Mac's Lovelorn ($20 CAD) on my lips.

That's basically it! I put some powder on my t-zone area but didn't powder my cheeks.

Keep it simple. I didn't add a crazy amount of colour anywhere, and I didn't add fake lashes.
If you are going on a date, you want to try to be a little more subtle with makeup in my opinion. Unless you wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis.

Here's the final look!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you try it out if you're interested!

Let me know of any other tutorials you'd like to see me do!
Would you guys like to see a tutorial of Rihanna's look from the Grammys?

Let me know by commenting below!


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