Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Clarins BB Cream

I was so grateful to be able to try the new Clarins BB cream that has yet to hit stores! (Thanks Clarins!)
I love trying out new products, and I especially love Clarins products.

If you're not sure what BB Creams are, you can head over to my blog post and read about them right here.

The packaging is a beautiful red colour with a gold twist off cover.
The retail price is $43 CAD and with an SPF 25, this BB Cream is one of the better deals in the high end market. Compared to Smashbox ($50 CAD) and Estee Lauder ($50 CAD)
In Canada, it will be available in 2 shades. 01 Light and 02 Dark. I have 01 Light.

The cream itself stays true to the balm texture of a classic BB Cream, and it has a beautiful smell.
The colour of the cream however, is too dark for me, and it's not like I am the palest of pale.

To put the product on, I recommend warming it up between the fingers and spreading it from the middle of the face, outwards.

The cream spread onto my face beautifully and I had no trouble evening it out.
If the shade was lighter this would have definitely been a new favourite product of mine! Hopefully once summer arrives I'll be able to wear this all the time!

Here is the before and after. As you can tell my skintone is more even, but it's too dark!

I think it's a great product, but the shade selection could have been better considering the demographic.
For women who aren't so pale, this would be a wonderful product!

I look forward to using it in the summer time!

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  1. I also loved the product but the light is too dark for me! I could only use it in the summertime.