Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick

I decided to try out some Revlon Ultimate Suede lipsticks ($13.49 CAD) because I am always on the hunt for a long wear lip colour, and these babies promise to last for 12 hours! So I couldn't resist.

They also promise not to dry out the lip as well as exfoliate with ingredients like shea butter, aloe and vitamin E.

I went for a colour that I thought would be more of a true red, and the colour that Olivia Wilde is wearing on the ad because I loved how it looked.

They are 085 TRENDSETTER and 035 BACKSTAGE (which is what Olivia wears in the ads)

The colours are very sheer with one coat, so if you want a good colour pay off you have to apply a few coats.

Here's what they look like swatched:
Trendsetter on the left, Backstage on the right.

Today I am wearing Backstage, I started with bare lips, without any lip balm.

After a few coats (ok, more than a few - five coats) this is what the colour looked like:

Although the colour is beautiful, you have to use quite a bit of product to achieve it. These lipsticks also have an unmistakably unusual smell. It's like you can smell the shea butter, but there is also a certain scent of something a little sour.

My main reason for purchasing these was to discover whether or not they were long wearing. They are if you eat and/or drink absolutely nothing. But if you eat anything with even a little oil or grease, forget about it.

This is what the lipstick looked like after four hours of wear:

As you can see, it does stain the lip a little bit. But the rich beautiful colour is gone. However, this stain will last for a really, really long time. To the point where if you go to bed without using make up remover to take it off, it's still there in the morning.

I did also find that Trendsetter also lasted a LOT longer than Backstage. But it's not a colour I would wear often.

These lipsticks don't dry out the lips too much, but I wouldn't say they're moisturizing.

My verdict: probably won't purchase any other colours, but I will likely still use them as the colours are beautiful when applied generously.

Thanks so much for reading!


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